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CVI Technology

 CVI bumps single die, partial and

 complete wafers to reflect true flip  chip die.


 UBM is added followed by solder

 and reflow.


 No gold stud bump and epoxy


 Prototype packaging is essential in the
 prototype and development phases
 where long lead times can be project


 To better simulate real world CVI offers

 overmolded QFN and modular



 Our expanded capability includes higher

 density leads as well as new 

 integrated coiled packaging.


 PCB repair kits.


 Lead, pads, and pads

 with traces. 


 Various sizes and shapes.

 Pads as small as 60um

As received die (Cu or Al pads)
Die cleaned – UBM applied
Solder applied (Pb, Pb-free, In, etc)

Solder reflow and clean
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Die Bumping Wafer Bumping  Packaging  Assembly  PCB and Repair Kits  Dummy Die